The selection of our partners is based on their ability to produce food products of exquisite quality and all of them are trendsetters on the Nordic food market.


The dairy is situated app. 20 kilometres north of Skive in Jutland, Denmark. The village is called Thise and consists of 100 houses, a church, a village hall, a school and a grocery shop. And the Dairy. The dairy was originally built in 1887 – and hise Dairy was founded in 1988 by 7 organic pioneers and a visionary dairy owner. Since then a minor revolution has taken place within the dairy, and at present there are 73 farmers and 200 employees. The dream of Thiese: Sustainable agriculture with a sustainable dairy in a sustainable society to ensure a sustainable world.

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Experience the delicious honest winegums from Wally & Whiz with flavour combinations that are delicately balanced using only fresh, natural ingredients. None of the products contain artificial colors or flavors.
At Wally and Whiz, they accept nothing but the best. To offer a unique taste experience to the customers, all of the winegums are made by hand in Denmark.All winegums are free of alcohol, gluten, lactose and all animal products.

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Magnihill is a family owned company producing organic frozen fruit and vegetables in Mörarp in Sweden. For two generations the company’s goal has been to produce organic products and today the daughter Wiveca P. Almgren is fulfilling the dreams of her father. Magnihill focus on their customer’s needs and their vision of becoming Scandinavia’s most flexible and innovative distributor of frozen quality products.

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Lantz The Nordic thinking, craftsmanship, and innovation are the main pillars of the vision of Frank Lantz. It’s about creating unique and great tasting experiences. Since 1994, Frank has been deeply involved with gastronomy, organic food and great taste. Today the assortment covers amongst others Nordic cookies, gourmet pastries, single estate bread, and gourmet salt.

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Soeris is a 3rd generation family owned farm situated 40 km northwest of Copenhagen. Since 1987 all farming, production, and packing has been organic. The assortment covers more than 30 different types of vegetables, a flour assortment, honey and vegetable soups. The main goal is to grow and produce quality organic commodities and to make it available for a broad variety of consumers.

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Fisk rökeriet situated in Helsingborg, the second-largest city in Skåne, Sweden, smokes salmon using old traditions and methods. The high quality farmed salmon is cut, deboned and dry-salted by hand before being smoked in ovens fired by wood and shavings. All is done carefully to ensure a product of the best taste and quality.

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Quality is a keyword for the cheese trader Ostebørsen. The cheeses sold by Ostebørsen are found at small diaries in Denmark, France, Spain, Italy and other European countries. Ostebørsen is always looking for new possibilities and has a great feel with the trends in the cheese market buying cheese every week in Scandinavia and Europe.Ostebørsen adapts the assortment every week because they perceive their position to be a marketplace where the trading of course is done according to the season and which cheeses are mature for trading

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Aroma Spices and Alex Toft Nielsen is behind “The world’s best curry powder project”. His vision was to create the “Curry Powder”, which people will recommend to each other, if they are asked to point out a really good one. The curry powder CP44 consists of 44 different ingredients (hence the name). All of these ingredients are natural and include spices, herbs, fruits and vegetables.

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Oialla is exquisite organic chocolate made from wild-growing cocoa trees in the Amazon Jungle. Oialla chocolate is pure, wild, and organic and has won several awards. There is traceability from harvest of the chocolate beans until selling the Oialla series of dark, light chocolate, and nibs. The chocolates are made with care for taste, care for the planet, and care for people. Rasmus Bo Bojesen is the man behind Oialla. Rasmus has worked as an apprentice at the chocolatier Bernachon, one in four of the family owned chocolate companies left in France.

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Nordic vinegar is produced at the factory De Jyske Eddikebryggerier A/S – which was established in 1864. It all blossomed when a wine merchant and a manufacturer started a cooperation located in Randers in central Jutland. All the ingredients for the production of the vinegars are delivered by Danish suppliers. Nordic vinegar is focused on producing vinegar and renewing traditions with their own ideas. De Jyske Eddikebryggerier is a unique factory and the last of its kind in Denmark.

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Tebstrup is a small diary in the western Denmark owned by a woman named Dorthe Sørensen who has been producing cheese for 30 years now. Dorthe has 500 light brown goats living their free life on the green meadows that belong to Tebstrup’s farm. The cheeses are made of 100% organic goat’s milk and Testrup only adds cultures, rennet and sea salt.

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Mät bars. When Mät bar started this journey, they found that the ‘snacking market’ needed a healthy and delicious snack, which could meet their expectations for an organic and tasty snack. So the Mät team began to develop and experiment in their kitchen at home.
The products are developed by Cand.Scient. in Human Nutrition, Sofie Bentzen, and Mät has a selection of five delicious, protein-rich and tasty bars.

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Kalu A/S is located in The Meat Pack District in Copenhagen which today is a district consisting of galleries, food producers, office hotels, restaurants and take-away places. Since 1987, Kalu A/S has imported quality food products from all over the world and still has the best restaurants, retailers, and food service among its clients. In the past decade, Kalu has had a growing assortment of Danish organic products such as lamb, poultry, pig, cheese and charcuterie.

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