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Nordic Food Export promote and export high quality food of Nordic origin to the food service and retail segment. The product range reflects Nordic food traditions, culinary craftsmanship and Nordic flavors by using pure Nordic ingredients.

Nordic Food Export has partners across the Nordics who all share an unrelenting commitment to produce pure, simple, and clean food, produced to a very high standard.



Quality is a keyword for the cheese trader Osteborsen. The cheeses sold by Osteborsen are found at small diaries in Denmark, France, Spain, Italy and other European countries. Osteborsen is always looking for new possibilities and has a great feel with the trends in the cheese market buying cheese every week in Scandinavia and Europe.



Magnihill is a family owned company producing organic, frozen fruit and vegetables founded in 1957 by Lennart Pehrsson. In 1992, Lennart’s 20-year-old daughter Wiveca started working at the farm. After her return to Magnihill, the product range has grown substantially, and she is now the owner and CEO of Magnihill. Today, Magnihill is a modern production plant where traceability is a focal point. Magnihill finds the seeds and delivers them directly to the farmers who grow the seeds. In that way, the fruits and vegetables can be traced back to the exact place where they are grown. This enables Magnihill to mix different types of seeds to provide the best, most suitable product for the customers’ needs, thus paving the way for Magnihill’s vision to become Scandinavia’s most flexible and innovative supplier of frozen quality products.



Oialla produces exquisite organic chocolate made from wild-growing cocoa trees in the Amazon Jungle. The chocolate is produced according to the bean-to-bar principle. Oialla follows the cocoa from harvest to the finished chocolate, controlling every step of the supply chain and working closely together with their partners in Bolivia. Bean-to-bar production gives Oialla the means to create a pristine chocolate with a pure and unprecedented flavour.



The vinegars from Nordic Vinegar are produced at the factory founded by Aage Lanng in 1865 near Randers in Jutland, Denmark. Since then, the brewers have kept using the traditional ways of brewing, aging and maturing to create perfectly balanced vinegars. The Nordic vinegar has a moderate acid, which is balanced by a pleasant, delicate sweetness from the sugar and fruit aromas. All vinegars are 100% natural with no preservatives or artificial additives.



Scandinavians have a tradition of smoking fish and meat. In the old days, the aim was to preserve the meat for the winter. Nowadays we do it because it tastes so delicious. The salmon is smoked using old traditions and methods. The high quality farmed salmon is cut, deboned and dry-salted by hand before being smoked in ovens fired by wood and shavings. All is done carefully to ensure a product of the best taste and quality.



The rapeseeds grow on the Gunnarshögs Gaard estate and the surrounding farms. The rapeseeds are cold-press, accentuating the good and wholesome aspects of the oils: its vitamins, antioxidants, mild, nutty flavor, flowery fragrance and beautiful golden color. With its low quantity of saturated fatty acids and its favorable balance between poly-unsaturated and mono-unsaturated fatty acids, this is a good choice for the health-conscious consumer.



Olof Viktor was a Swedish baker who made a thin, crunchy and tasty crispbread. The old baker died a long time ago, but his grandchild has resumed the tradition and founded an award-winning bakery and café in Skåne in the south of Sweden, more specifically in the idyllic town of Glemminge in Österlen. Olof Viktors still hand rolls their traditional crisp breads, and by using this method the customer is guaranteed the crispy consistency. All the ingredients are made from scratch and a slow sourdough fermentation process makes it delicate and tasty with notes of the sourdough.



Søris grow their own organic Red Kuri pumpkin and Jerusalem artichokes which are transformed into organic pumpkin soup and Jerusalem artichoke soup, using whole cream to ensure a tasteful creamy flavor. Both soups are filled with nutritious minerals.



The curry powder CP44 provides a rich a delicious curry taste but also subtle notes of rare spices giving the blend an exquisite uniqueness. CP44 is one of the most complex curry powders ever made, especially since all of the 5 basic tastes also have been catered for.



By Lantz’s Nordic Cookies are made with Danish butter and the flavors are carefully selected with ingredients from the Danish Region.
The Single Estate Breads are made with flour harvested at the fields owned by chosen Danish farmers to ensure the highest quality. This results in Oland wheat Filone bread, Oland wheat burger buns, potato bread as well as whole grain toast and graham toast from Ledreborg Castle.
The Gourmet Pastries include Oland wheat croissants, apple-cinnamon rolls, raspberry rolls, Danish with black currant, and Danish with apple & grains.



By Lantz seethed the salt according to an old Nordic tradition. The taste of salt is as diverse as the Nordic nature. It is the composition of minerals that determine the flavors. The selection includes salts from Norway, Denmark and Iceland and a number of exciting seasonings composed of herbs from the classic Nordic cuisine.



For nearly 30 years, the family owned company, Søris, has grown organic vegetables on their farm, Sørisgaard, situated 40 km North of Copenhagen. The yield of the grains used for the Soeris flour is low but the content of protein and gluten is high, which ensures a high quality bread flour. The grains are ground with a slow-speed stone mill tearing the grain apart as opposed to a traditional rolling where the grain is squeezed. This gives the flour a special structure retaining the kernel and most of the shell in the flour, adding flavor and color to the flour.

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